A spam-attack detection and prevention system

spamradar is a server-side anti-spam tool written in perl, currently optimized for sendmail.

spamradar is different from some other anti-spam packages in that it does not attempt to examine the content of the message itself to determine whether or not it is spam. Rather, it attempts to track and analyze information outside the messages themselves (using information that is not subject to most customer privacy regulations), and to intelligently use this information to determine whether or not spam is likely to be coming from a particular source. spamradar can act on a system-wide basis without invading customer privacy.

spamradar has been accepted by the CS faculty of the University of Alaska Anchorage as sufficient for the CS 470 requirement.

It is being prepared for public use (read as "making the code a little prettier") and should be available for download RSN (Real Soon Now).

Unfortunately, due to the recent demise of ORBS, some alterations need to be made to the code which may delay this date.
(if I'd properly abstracted the ORBS code from the rest of the code in the first place, this wouldn't be a problem).

spamradar is being released under the GPL.

spamradar was written and is maintained by Royce Williams.



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