The Green Futures of Tycho

Some other fans of the Green Futures of Tycho

T. Kalei Awana
Marc lePine
Brent DiCrescenzo
Chris Gladis
Kellie Cassell
Jonathan Hurwitz
Rune S. Johansen
Julie Elam
Brandy McCarter
Daniel Talsky
Sergey Brin
Adam Cadre
Orson Scott Card
Patrick Harper
David Ni
Adam Ferguson
Ken's class
Ken's 4th grade class at Riverfield Elementary,
who enjoyed Green Futures very much.
Tycho Wagner
Tycho Wagner, our youngest fan, smiles.
Ken's class, 2002
Ken's 2002 class with Green Futures ...
Ken's class, 2002, not as serious
... and a slightly less serious picture.

Do you have a photo of yourself, preferably with your copy of Green Futures?
Time travel egg
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