The Green Futures of Tycho

Cover artist James Nazz

James Nazz has his own pages, with lots of examples from his portfolio.

James Nazz did some computer rendering for Rhonda Roland Shearer's Impossible Bed analysis.

The ISFDB has an entry for James Nazz, but it doesn't include his Green Futures work.

The Ultimate Science Fiction Web Guide mentions James Nazz.

Nazz was interviewed for the May 2001 issue of Photographic Processing

Here's the original message that I got about the painting:

Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1999 22:31:02 -0400
From: james nazz <>
Subject: Green Futures of Tycho

Dear Royce, Did a search of my name & came across your page about the
book. Thank you for the compliment about my version of the cover. Sounds
like the book & cover meant a lot to you. I have the cover painting
sitting in my closet, would you be interested in giving it a home? You
can see my newer art at
(note that the new link is

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