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If you weren't looking for The Green Futures of Tycho, you might try one of these other this green, future, and Tycho: is a non-profit organization concerned with the environment.
So is and

There is a Green Futures in the UK. was the Global Rivers Environmental Education Network.
Some name-grabber's got used to be an ISP and web host.
An organization called Future Generations encourages sustainable living in communities worldwide.
Futures.Net used to handle futures and commodities trading online.

The Navy has a master clock on a node called
There is a biographical entry for Tycho Brahe.
Around 1984, the NSA had a computer called TYCHO. is named after the city in Heinlein's The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. is now a "search portal" of sorts. was Tycho Networks, a California-based ISP and networking/data services company.

The Purdue Physics Department has a machine Named Tycho

The University of Maryland University College had a Virtual Campus called WebTycho that was replaced by LEO.
Janel Kempf has a dog named Tycho.
And there also someone named Tycho.
There is a Clifford Simak story called "The Trouble with Tycho."

Fonthead has a font called Tycho.

There is Tycho Music.

There is a manatee named Tithonus.
There was an episode of The X-Files called Tithonus.
There is the Bullfinch description of the myth of Tithonus.
You can also read the poem Tithonus by Alfred, Lord Tennyson.

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