The Green Futures of Tycho

Cover artist Linda Thomas

Cover artist Linda Thomas created the artwork for the 1991 Penguin/Putnam edition.

In 2006, I interviewed Linda about her work on the cover.

Some books for which Linda Thomas probably created cover art:

Title					Author		Publisher		ISBN
A Crime for Christmas			Carolyn Keene	Archway		

Dangerous Spaces 			Margaret Mahy 	Viking,Penguin		0670837342 SC
							Lythway			0745116221 HC
							Trumpet Club		0440830214

Strange Attractors			William Sleator	Penguin/Puffin		0140345825 SC

The Mysterious Image 			Carolyn Keene	Minstrel		0671694014

Mystery of the Winged Lion		Carolyn Keene	Minstrel		?

The Greek Symbol Mystery		Carolyn Keene	Minstrel, 1989	

The Case of the Safecracker's Secret	Carolyn Keene	Minstrel

The Green Futures of Tycho		William Sleator	Penguin/Puffin	

Chrime for Christmas cover Greek Symbol Mystery cover Winged Lion cover Strange Attractors cover Green Futures of Tycho cover

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