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The author

There is more information on William Sleator's page, maintained by his brother Daniel.

Books and Reviews
(also check the big lists at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and the Library of Congress).
[Daniel Sleator]
Dr. Daniel Dominic Kaplan Sleator
[Tycho Sleator]
Dr. Tycho Sleator
[William W. Sleator]
Dr. William W. Sleator
[Esther Sleator]
Dr. Esther Kaplan Sleator
  • Dr. Sleator was Daniel, Tycho, Vicky and William's mother.
  • She was a pediatrician and did the original work on Attention Deficit Disorder.
[Vicky Sleator]
Vicky Sleator Wald
  • Among the Dolls is dedicated to William's sister, Vicky.

Other Links

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